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Ready For Joy Free 1 Week Mini Workshop

What to expect:

  • 10am CDT 1 hour Facebook Live event

  • Monday August 1st - Friday August 5th

    • 3o minute lesson followed by discussion and Q&A Mon-Th

    • Friday 60 minutes of free coaching. First come first serve!


  • Monday: What is Joy?

  • Tuesday: Mind Management

  • Wednesday: Emotional Mastery

  • Thursday: Interior Life Development

  • Friday: Free Coaching Opportunity!!


If the Free Training Intrigues You...

It will be followed by a 4 week Workshop starting August 8th that will go more in depth with the topics of mind management, emotional mastery and interior life development that will help you to uncover areas of pain in your life so that you may learn to have compassion for yourself and experience Joy through healing the image you have of yourself and holding that next to THE image you were created in, by and for.

You will have weekly opportunities to be coached and access to me via Voxer/Email throughout the course of the workshop to reach out with any questions, concerns or epiphanies along the way!

The first 4 people who sign up will get a free 1 hour coaching session with me at the end of the 4 weeks! That's $100 you get to keep in your pocket, so jump on that!

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