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Introducing Catholic Coaching


About Me

What Coaching Did For Me

First of all, welcome! I am so excited you are considering coaching. It definitely has the potential to create a massive impact on your life if you are ready and willing to do the work.

I am a working mother of five and wife of one dedicated man. For the past several years I have been diving head first into getting to the root sources of the pain and discontent in my life in order to come out on the other side more aware of and integrated with the woman God created me to be. I have done this through counseling, personal healing work, intentional development of an interior life, spiritual direction and finally, mindset coaching! Once the healing was in the works, coaching propelled me to finally start living intentionally instead of out of a place of obligation, and I can truly say I have a joy and freedom in my life I have never experienced before.  My mission is to take other women through the work to come to an awareness of who and what God wants them to be and to help them reach that same level of understanding and fulfillment in their own life. 

Reach out to me for a free discovery call if any part of you feels pulled to this, and check out the resources page for an idea of the themes that are available to work through with one on one coaching.

God has such an immense and beautiful plan for your life. If any part of you feels stuck, disillusioned and unfulfilled, it is simply because God has intended more for you. Coaching can help you break through the ties holding you back and identify where you are truly called to shine. What's holding you back? Let's chat.

About Mindset Coaching

Ever feel confused by life, confused by your own behavior, or just stuck in wondering why things keep turning out the way they do? Do you struggle with rejecting what life has doled out to you, digging your heels into the idea that things just “shouldn’t” be this way? Do you feel like you have been made for more, you just have no idea what that is?

If any of the above is true for you, welcome to Mindset Coaching. You are absolutely in the right place. This was me for the first seven years of my marriage, and, in retrospect, the attitude of general confusion and “lost-ness” that I adopted over my most formative years. Life felt out of control, and I came to the general assumption that I just wasn’t born with the instincts needed to live life in the driver’s seat. Let me assure you, I was wrong. I was made to be the leading lady of my life and so were you. 

My job is to be the devil’s advocate of your thought life in order to help you get to the truth of a situation and aid in identifying root belief systems that may be keeping you stuck. The Goal of my coaching business is to give you the tools that will allow you to live your life in a way that honors your God-given dignity by using the Intellect and Will He gave you in a manner that brings about your greatest good.

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