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So what does Catholic Mindset Coaching address?

A picture is worth a thousand words :)

Stay tuned for a poll that I will be sending out shortly to find out how I can better serve you all in the work I do. I can't rest knowing that people are going through life without the peace that comes from knowing and understanding their interior world as I did for so many years.

I remember walking around as a shell of a human, and I now have this bursting desire to walk alongside people in this journey of self-discovery with the Lord. I've started jokingly referring to myself as an Interior Life Coach and hope I can serve you in some way as you too find your way.

Do not hesitate to reach out for a free Discovery Call to find out more about how this form of coaching can serve you in your life.

Always remember that you are Good, that you Matter and that you are Enough.


I am a Certified Catholic Mindset Coach through Metanoia Catholic. I help Christian women who feel discouraged find fulfillment and hope by reworking limiting belief patterns, teaching emotional attunement and finding the good in everything they do so that they too can see the Truth of the Goodness and Beauty of who they are and how they were made.

If you feel you could benefit from coaching do not hesitate to reach out, I'd love to hear from you. And if anything has spoken to your heart or you have any questions in general about Catholic Mindset Coaching, sign up for a FREE Discovery Call on the Services page!

If you wish to get to know me better, check out my personal blog, Grateful Blessed Mess, at for an inside view of my interior life, and don’t forget to listen in to the Grateful Blessed Mess Podcast when you get a chance! God bless!

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