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Coaching for The Discouraged Heart Seeking Hope in Recovery Through
The 12 Steps

"Therefore, the main problem of the alcoholic centers in his mind, rather than in his body."

Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 23

The Grateful Blessed Mess Podcast
Emotional Sobriety for 12 Step Christian Women


...Once my spiritual life started to grow, I still felt stuck in steps 4-7, not getting propelled forward, not getting to the roots of things, not knowing that I wasn't uncovering all my character defects, starting and restarting my days count, not even knowing how to name my character defects, and so on until discovering the incredible world of vice and virtue in the Catholic faith and the tools of mindset coaching to get incredibly clear on my interior life - my motives, my intentions. I could then uncover the subtle ways vice was creeping into a virtuous goal, the way I blamed people for things I was emotionally responsible for and the incredible beauty and freedom that is in store for every Christian in the challenge to enter into the work of 1. Self-Awareness for the purpose of 2. Self-Possession, so that I could eventually love from a clean place in the form of 3. Self-Gift.  I am now finally being, I believe, propelled forward in my own 12 step journey, and I want the same for you!...


An hour dedicated to uncovering and working through your barriers to success in 12 step work.


Teaching you the skill of self assessment to help you independently work through your thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order to enable you to do the work of coaching.

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